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Old Chang Kee, Singapore’s iconic food and beverage brand.

Old Chang Kee, an iconic brand in Singapore, embarked on a journey to decode its long heritage. Finding out what it really meant to its audiences, what were its strengths and weaknesses and identifying its way forward. The understanding of the current truth was aimed toward a rebranding exercise to forge an even deeper connection with its consumers.

As with any heritage brand, the challenge of being sensitive to its history with the dynamics of changing times was to be conscientiously managed.

Consumer focus group across segments was conducted to understand the brands code and where its motivation resided. Findings revealed the brands heritage of ‘warmth and care’ were deeply entrenched in the consumers hearts and mind. The task lay in leveraging the ‘honest, authentic, friendly and rich heritage’ dimensions of the brand and making it relevant to today’s sensibilities. Sales and trade interviews and interviews to align with the managements vision were also undertaken.

A position to keep the brands core intact was devised with a re-appropiation of its meaning to current sensibilities.


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