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GentleFoods Creates A New Category In A Growing Segment.

Pureed Moulded Food for people with swallowing difficulties

The idea for GentleFoods began a few years ago with a poignant question-

‘What happens if one day a person cannot eat?’

This question was lingering in the mind of Founder, Yiru Shen.

An ageing population in Singapore and the region, the rise of those with swallowing difficulties, along with limited food options in such cases, further heightened the issue. Researching, searching and perfecting an answer saw the rest of the journey to bring GentleFoods into reality.

GentleFoods believes that food that one enjoyed must always remain the food that one continues to enjoy. Swallowing difficulties in people often result in malnutrition as a result of not eating enough owing to a loss of appetite. This problem further leads to several cases of dependence, depression and isolation. The joy of eating food together with friends and family is also compromised.

The brand strategy and design teams at Identity Counsel Singapore worked with the founder, Yiru Shu, a PhD in Neuroscience with a M.SC in biochemistry founded SilverConnect Pte Ltd to fulfill her purpose to make people with swallowing difficulties ‘feel hungry again’.

Identity Counsel worked with Yiru on various brand naming options and post the initial consumer research came up with the brand name; GentleFoods. Pureed moulded food that is familiar, safe and nutritious that helps in stimulating the appetite with the way it looks, tastes and smells, bringing the joy of food back into the lives of people with swallowing difficulties.

Yiru and her team have worked tirelessly with hospitals, speech therapists, dieticians and nutritionists before they finally perfected the food they knew would make a difference. Identity Counsel's team of researchers conducted a qualitative study across various brand influencers to understand the role the brand would play in the lives of the consumer, the caregiver and various influencers.

The food created by GentleFoods has a familiar flavour, texture and visual appeal - be it the Sweet and Sour Fish set, Black Pepper Chicken set or Assam Fish set, that form just a part of their menu.. Every meal comes with rice or noodles and two vegetables, either pumpkin, carrots or broccoli. Identity Counsel's creative team was entrusted with creating a unique brand identity and packaging for their ready to eat bento box meals. The identity was then implemented across all touch points from the uniforms, delivery bags, a complete e-commerce website, packaging for bulk packs, signage, posters and social media campaigns.

The nurturance, thoughtfulness and committed culture at GentleFoods aim to bring back the positive and joyous relationship with food back on the plate. Identity Counsel conducted the "Living the Brand" workshop to cascade the brand culture across all internal stakeholders.

Founders Dr. Yiru Shen and Mdm. Jeannie Ong |

“ Working with Identity Counsel has been a great pleasure. They were able to dig deep, ask the right questions and uncover relevant insights. They were able to succinctly and successfully bring out brand clarity and an implementation strategy. Working with them, you are able to get a keen sense of partnership and they work with you closely to drive the brand forward. I really enjoyed working with the team as they are so creative and the process established for our branding has indeed been maximised. All my business contacts and clients are impressed with the work and outcomes delivered by the team. ” Yiru – Founder, GentleFoods


Branding by Identity Counsel Pte Ltd • Singapore

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