Branding A Fintech Catalyst

Brand Challenge

Krisfinsoft, serves the needs of the industry by being a catalyst for banks and fintech companies to come together in furthering the digital needs of the banking eco-system.

The brand was keen to enhance its position within the eco-system besides articulate a clear brand position for it to leverage as it aimed to go beyond the shores of the Philippines, which was its core market, into other markets within the APAC region.


The project aimed to understand the brand as it stood for presently and what could be the drivers for future growth. Interviews were conducted with various stake holders-management, employees, partners and banks. A workshop to understand the brands personality was also conducted.

The brand was examined from its current strengths and from what the market needed and plotted accordingly. There were certain areas of the brand that on strengthening would enhance its position towards the true value that brand provided.

The idea developed was to be a brand within the eco-system of banking which connects and grows the entire eco-system to drive greater value to it, now and for the future. KrisFinsoft was in a unique space of knowing the value that was needed and knowing the innovations available and bring the future of banking into the present day. The proposition to –‘Bring Banking Forward’ was developed. A blue print of the brand articulating the vision, mission and values of the brand was presented. One of the key elements was also to change the brand name to Grover. A name that resonated with credence and authenticity. An opportunity was seen in cascading that value deeper into the organisation and it being integral to the culture of the organisation.

A cascading workshop was conducted with the employees to embrace the brands strategic position and value system and to recognise the shifts and intent to align the future ambitions of the brand.