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Axis Engineering. Unifying to create a B2B engineering powerhouse

Since 2000, Axis Engineering has been a relatively quiet player in the engineering of integrated system analysers for the oil and gas industry. The key challenge was to be stage itself from being a small player to one that could undertake large scale projects. It had presence in Japan, UAE and India under different company brands and it was keen to unify the brand architecture, drive synergies of offering and claim its rightful place in the minds of its customers.

The tasks involved a clear articulation of the vision of the company, developing a brand blue print in verbalizing ‘what does the brand stand for and the promise it makes to its customers’, synergizing the three companies in their brand visual identities to belong to the same family.

Brand Solution Identity Counsel conducted interviews with various stakeholders- senior management, employees and customers. The equity of the brand revealed positives in service, customisation, trust and responsiveness, however it presented opportunities to move from being ‘small’ and ‘fragmented’ to scale up towards its ambitions of being a global company and mobilize its ‘innovation’ perception to reflect its desired ambitions.

Identity Counsel conducted workshops to present the desired vision and personality of the company and identifying strengths and insights that could be leveraged.

The process revealed that Axis being an ‘independent’ player in the industry separated itself from the competition. This meant that it could be seen as a specialist who can create the solution that is the best for one’s business. It would need to further its strength of knowledge and ‘active intelligence’ in shaping its identity.

The key insight that Axis could leverage its role as an independent integrator to not just solve its customer’s problems but become part of the system was determined. Its service was significantly important to the functioning and performance of the end product as it improved accuracy, precision, know-how and safety standards. This made it a ‘critical’ ingredient to the host system making its difference measurable.

The Idea that Axis ‘Makes a Measurable Difference’ that served the world with fit-for-purpose solutions was developed. The identity was created with this promise in mind and looked to unify its other companies as one identity to come across as ‘stronger together’.

The identity was developed with the attributes that showcased expertise, confidence, reliability and being approachable. The identity was to be distinct in being seen as loud but not proud, intelligent but not intimidating, independent yet grouped. The visual identity reflected A of the Axis to be ‘integrated’ with two lines above and below suggesting the idea of being integral to the solution of its customers to make a difference. The two other companies shared the same identity thereby giving the overall perception of one group of companies capable of large scale projects.

The new Identity was first displayed at a trade exhibition wherein it was greatly admired and even resulting in other partner companies in the supply chain seeking to look at changing their perception and identities. The identity has been changed internally with signage, stationery, collateral and is in the process of being implemented externally, besides now entering new European markets.

Branding by Identity Counsel Pte Ltd • Singapore


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