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China Trading Desk, Opening China To The World.

China Trading Desk is the most transparent & comprehensive way to advertise in China.

Within a complex media and advertising eco-system in China, and yet one of the worlds largest advertising region with a media spend growing at 14% a year, China Trading Desk aimed to be a specialised player to mobilise the power of digital marketing in China’s unique, business media and consumer culture. Identity Counsel aimed to build a compelling position for the brand to differentiate itself and set up w clear architecture of the services the brand offers in terms of current strengths and future ambitions.


After a series of interviews and market diagnostics and a deep diagnostic, China Trading Desk would be well placed to demystify the media landscape and convert the complexity into simplicity. It would not just engage but Integrate with China.

The integration would be at three levels-

a) with data to monetise, optimise and analyse digital buys in one place.

b) Integrate with people to create better digital experiences

c) Integrate with media for better efficiencies and transparency.

With challenger brand mindset the brand was set to challenge, uncover possibilities and transform with knowledge and technology. The brands vision, mission, values as well as identity set the course for the brand to further its promise of integrating with China.



"Identity Counsel had a keen sense of the industry we were in and were quick to onboard and understand our objectives. The pace they worked at without ever compromising on commitment was great. Very insightful with great ability to articulate the brands story. The creative development that followed reflected the true personality of the brand I wished to grow. I am glad that I came across Identity Counsel."

- S. Bhatt, CEO, China Trading Desk


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