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Bank-Genie, Changing The Way We Bank.

Bank-Genie creates technology that intercepts traditional banking processes and transforms them into experiences to make things easier, better and faster.


The rise of digital banking, the increase in use of mobile phones and the internet, alongwith a scenario where banks are beginning to act more like tech companies than banks, has led to a transformational arena for financial institutions to play a role. Bank-Genie, as a digital solutions innovator, is a key player in driving this change of legacy banking processes into digital banking and integrating solutions into the lives of the banking customer.It also aims to play a pivotal role in providing access to vulnerable communities who aren’t able to optimize the banking network besides serving the role in bridging gaps of inequality. Bank Genie had begun its operations in Africa and was making inroads in the Philippines. Moving forward Bank-Genie plans to expand and deepen its offering with a strong brand in South East Asia, Africa, South Asia and Russia.


The project aimed to understand the brand as it stood for presently and what could be the drivers for future growth. Interviews were conducted with various stake holders-management, employees, partners and banks. The enquiry was to understand the brand and the role in its customers lives. The difference it made. An understanding of the needs of the market and finding the strengths and opportunities for the brand.

Several strengths of the brand were identified along with challenges that banks and financial institutions find themselves in and the role Bank-Genie could play in that environment.

Bank-Genie’s key objectives were centered around the need to - Create more banked customers; Partner banks to embrace customer journey thinking; Empower banks to further enrich customer experiences; Help banks reduce costs and increase efficiencies; Bridge gaps of distances and enable banking into the everyday lives of customers. Technology was allowing customers of banks to get closer to banks and turning mundane and anxious process of banks into joy, empowerment and control. Bank-Genie was a responsive provider of services and an enabler of experiences. It was able to create a seamless banking experience . It was not disrupting the experience, but instead intercepting the existing realities with technology. It was intercepting both the space and time matrix. It intercepted the physical space of banking with remote access to branchless banking and intercepted the time taken to bank for better banking- making every interaction faster. Identity Counsel created the promise of 'interceptive banking technology’ that turned moments of truth in banking to moments of magic by dispelling inefficiencies, complexities, stress and tedium into convenience, simplicity, joy and built stronger relationships. A blue print of the brand articulating the vision, mission and values of the brand and visual identity was developed.

A cascading workshop was conducted with the employees to embrace the brands strategic position and value system and to recognise the shifts and intent to align the future ambitions of the brand.

Identity Counsel remains an integral partner to Bank-Genie is driving further value to its brand through development of all elements within the communication mix.


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