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The Scotts Group

Restaging of The Scotts Group, by drawing from its legacy and pioneering spirit. Creating an identity system, positioning and its road map to foster its continuing role in transforming businesses to drive future growth.

Scotts is a holding company that owns, operates and invests across a diversified range of businesses, with a focus on real estate and retail, finance, sport and digital. Scotts owns a legacy of many firsts that ran in tandem with Singapore’s own story of growth in pioneering the service apartment industry, Asia’s first air-conditioned food court, and Singapore’s premier shopping centre. 

Scotts furthered this spirit into real estate in India, to fintech and the payment technology businesses and sport. Identity Counsel drew from Scotts’ legacy and pioneering spirit of shaping many firsts and constantly being ahead of the curve and bringing the future to the present. This was articulated in the statement- ‘Making Tomorrow A Part of Today.’ This was then brought to life through an identity system, brochure website and PR activity.

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